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Single: MASQUERADED LIFE (streaming)

Album: MEMPHIS 68: A JOURNEY WITHOUT FANFARE (only for purchase at iTunes and Amazon)

Single: OVERLAND AVENUE (only for purchase @ Amazon and iTunes)

debut novella – available now.

The back of the book reads about this being a NOVELLA that is about what it feels like to be in a transition and somewhere buried inside the pages is a love story and perhaps it’s a small nod to Albert Camus’ THE STRANGER without being so on purpose because at the heart are some philosophical questions about our modern existence. And a calming of the synapsis firing in the brain so you can look up and start again. 

As the writer I can attest to a clarity that was part of the writing but as a reader, I can also say that the first time I read it it was a bit confusing. Somehow it reminded me of Faulkner’s THE SOUND AND THE FURY and it made me think of Kerouac’s THE SUBTERRANEANS and a little of Salinger’s CATCHER IN THE RYE and seeing how the prose takes place in Los Angeles being centered in West Hollywood as the main character meanders through there was a bit that made me think of Hemingway’s A MOVEABLE FEAST. 

Don’t worry if it all makes sense the first time around. If you make it and you like it, I guarantee clarity on the second read even though I can also promise new discoveries.

Mark A. Shields